How to share your results with anyone

Note: All visuals are for illustrative purposes only and is test information. 

If you're looking to share your results with a specialist, a friend or family member, simply follow these steps.

In the app

1. Login to your app.  If you can't remember how to login to the app, refer to our New Patient and Returning Patient Overview

2. Select the scan you'd like to share under 'My X-Rays and Scans' and click Share:

3. By default, your link with your scan will be available to be viewed by anyone with that link for 7 days.

If you want to include the report, please select 'Include Report'.

Once ready, tap Submit:

4. The last page will contain a URL (Link) which can be shared via the Share button.

Your phone will then provide a list of different ways you can share your scans.

As one example, you can use your default email application to help you share the link with a different doctor or a specialist.

Via the web portal (Computer/Tablet): 

1. Login to your portal.  If you can't remember how to login to the portal, refer to our New Patient and Returning Patient Overview

2. On the main page under 'My X-rays and Scans', select the scan you'd like to share and click Share:

3. From here you'll be able to generate a link. If you want to include the report (if applicable) make sure you select the 'Include report' checkbox and click Generate:

4. This screen will show 2 options:

A. Quick Share Code (More Secure)
For secure sharing, send the Quick Share link which will require both your Quick Share Code and your Date of Birth.

1. Copy the link under the 'What's next?' section and share the link ending ending with 'quick-share':

2.  Under Quick Share Code, you'll see the unique code: 

3. Via a method of your choosing (ie. call, email etc) you will then need to share both the link ending with quick-share and the Quick Share Code.  The recipient will still need to know your date of birth. 

Why is this more secure?

Think of this as a form of 'Two Factor Authentication' where you can email the link but call the recipient and verbally provide the code. 

This prevents anyone from sharing your images with the code already in the link and being able to access your scans with only knowing your date of birth. 


A. Quick Share Link (Less Secure)

For trusted sharing, send the pre-filled in Quick Share Link which includes the code in the link. This will only require your Date of Birth to view your scans and/or report so ensure you've sent this to a trusted person. 

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