What is my username or password?

For most people, your username will by default be your mobile number

The format is your full normal number without any international codes.

If you've provided your email, it will also work as your username.

Common issues

I don't know my password or I can't remember if I have an account.

Click here and enter your mobile or email.

Error: Invalid Username or Password

  • Have you confirmed your mobile was used to sign up?
    • If you've had a scan but you didn't provide your mobile, it's possible you're part of Shared Account.
  • Have you confirmed there are no typos?
    • The vast majority of requests are caused by incorrect input of your username or password. Please double check your username and ensure your password is using the correct capital letters or special characters as set during your sign up.

      If you receive a Oops message here, it usually means you don't have an account or your mobile was entered in incorrectly during registration. 

Still no luck?

Please 'Submit a Ticket' below and our support team will confirm the status of your account.

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